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Win the race - take home a tractor

On the final day of the 2010 Sheridan County Fair the Kids Tractor Races were held

Getting a "feel" for the task at hand

The smallest member of "The Piggy Destroyers"

The Scene of the Capture

Pig Wrestling was the final event of the 2010 Sheridan County Fair

The Exhibit Hall is now open

The Exhibit Hall at the 2010 Sheridan County Fair opened officially at 10:00 am Thursday.

Congratulations Libby

Libby Hall, Overall Champion Senior Sheep Showman

Setting Sun in the West Illuminates Clouds in the East

The sinking sun in the west illuminates the clouds in the east

"Heaths Little Star" shines at the Fair

A happy Nikki Copenhaver leads "Heaths Little Star"

Delani hits the ground a running

Delani Cunningham shows how to get off in a hurry

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