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Hooray for a little yellow and white pavement marking paint

New Turn Lane at Sheridan Avenue and 5th Street

18th Annual Flying Cowboys - Fly In - Part II of II

Pilot Jerry Williams and his 3d Magic

18th Annual Flying Cowboys - Fly In - Part I of II

The Fire Right Before the Fireman Started putting it out

Weekend Structure Fire Destroys Garage

Pow-Wow Dance Winners - Velma and Lydia

The 3rd Annual Sheridan College Pow-Wow

9/11 Ceremony

The Sheridan Fire Station was the location of the 9th Anniversary Remembrance of September 11, 2001.

Colby Wollenman's Long ArmPays Dividends Caption

With 18.6-seconds to go in the first half Ram Quarterback Colby Wollenman extends his long right arm

 Rocky Patterson Wins the Wyoming Steer Roping Finals

The Wyoming Steer Roping Finals winner is a smiling Rocky Patterson

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