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Close but no Catch for Sheridan's E.J. Panetta

Sheridan resident E.J. Panetta's rope loop didn't cooperate Saturday night

Corey Navarre rides "Whats in your Wallet" for an 84

"Whats in your Wallet" is what Corey Navarre rode for a score of 84

OK Gal does ok in Barrel Racing

Barrel Racer Sherrylynn Johnson from Henryetta Oklahoma

R.B. Shield Ties One Down Quickly

Fort Worth Texas cowboy R. B. Shield wraps up the last night of the 80th Annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo

Jule Hazen has a Jewel of a day in Wrestling Steers

On the final night of the 80th Annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo

McBride Ropes his Steer in 14-flat

In the final night of action at the 80th Annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo

Moore Scores 75 on Shining Mountain

Local cowboy J.W. Moore from Banner Wyoming rides Shining Mountain for a score of 75

Gittin' it done

19-year old R.C. Landingham, last years college rodeo world champion

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