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The Campground at the Wrench Ranch is filling up with RV's from all over the United States. The Big Horn Country USA Concert kicked off Wednesday night.

A few images of a storm cell developing over Sheridan Tuesday night.

(All photos by Sarah Richter)

Some pictures of flood water overtaking I-90 just East of Powder River. Photo submissions.

The Sheridan Troopers went 1-1 in their final two games in Omaha, Nebraska beating Centaurian Colorado 7-4 and losing to Creighton Prep 10-4. Creighton Prep today, last year they finished 2nd at State and 3rd in Regionals.

Photo by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

A few shots from Saturday night's lightning storm over Sheridan.

(All photos by Ron Richter)

Legacy Pregnancy held their annual "Walk for Life" Saturday morning. Stay tuned for the story that will follow soon.(photo by Judy Hagerott)

photo by Judy Hagerott

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