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After rooting through a fresh snowdrift, Clyde raised his head and I got this fun shot.

Photo by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

Photos by: connieboo in Buffalo

No doubt the Big Horn Mercantile Company has seen lots of snow since it opened in 1882. But perhaps this photo taken at 7:30 pm on Wednesday evening, some 131-years later, offers a different viewing perspective. Can you imagine arriving by horseback at the Merc some 100+ years ago, tying your horse to the hitching post in front of the window on the right and heading in to warm-up by the stove?

Photos by Helen Mitchell

Photos by David Oakes

Looking toward Moncreiffe Ridge east of Big Horn on Monday afternoon following the recent snow. For a summer view of this area, when white transforms to green, see the video taken by John Chase from Bruce Garber's Super Cub taken in June 2009.

After six or so inches of snow over the weekend covered the ground of the Elk Pasture at Kendrick Park the resident buffalo were perhaps glad for the Monday afternoon arrival of "Meals on Wheels." The buffalo were on the far ridge when the city "Meals on Wheels" truck entered the pasture and wasted little time heading for the food that was being spread from the truck as it circled the pasture.

The Sheridan Ice Figure Skating team continues to grow in numbers and they are the only team regionally that practices full-time outdoors. More info on the team can be found here:

Photos by Ron Richter

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