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Photo taken by: Chris Heaps

Bald Eagle in flight. Photo by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

Just south of the Bird Farm Road near Big Horn stands this once proud green barn that now mainly serves as a reminder of times past. Hand made of wood from a bygone era it stands in contrast to to the metal structures that dot today's landscape. Flash forward a hundred years and ponder how the metal outbuilding structures of today will appear then.

Taken by Maison Furley on the foothills of the Big Horns off of Red Grade Road 12/24/12

The entrance to the Veteran's Home walking trail in Buffalo.
Photo Credit: Angela Lowman Jacob

Not unusual is the sun setting but on Monday afternoon the sun's fiery glow is seen hovering over two mountains at once. While setting over the Bighorn Mountains stretching from left to right across the photo it was also setting over the Mountain View Veterinary Hospital located just below the large fiery cloud on the right. In case you haven't noticed the days are getting longer.

Photos by: Jeanne Moore

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