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Photos by: Shirley legerski: Sheridan

Photo by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

Eagle Ridge folks bring Easter fun to Marion Day Care Center. (Photos Courtesy of Marion Day Care Center)

Taken on Monday, March 25th

Photo by: Dave Barkan

By the time you rise on Wednesday the March Full Moon will have passed - the full moon is 3:27 am MDT. Native Americans kept track of the seasons by giving the month in which the full moon occurs a distinctive name. March has the distinction of being called the Full Worm Moon. As the ground starts to thaw with warming temperatures earthworms began to appear signaling the return of the robins.

Heard from a friend this guy hanging out feasting on a deer by the side of the road. So I ventured out there and sure enough, he was still there! This was out on Big Goose Rd. about 10:45am Monday, March 25th.

Photo by Justin Briggs

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