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Ice Emoji - Photo By: Robert Edwards

March Squall - Photo By: Robert Edwards

Fallen City - Photo By: Robert Edwards

Dining for a Cause at Frackelton's restaurant in Sheridan Monday raised $10,766 for Habitat for Humanity of the Eastern Bighorns. With a match of $15,000 from the Habitat Board and donations from First Interstate Bank, WCDA, and the Ruth Pruitt Phillips Foundation, the total raised was $34,639.

(Photo Ron Richter©)

"Thrasher" Photo By: Robert Edwards

Sunrise in Sheridan this morning

Cameron Kaul was our season winner of the Sheridan Physical Therapy, McDonalds Pro Football Pickem’. He stopped by to pick up his 40 inch Samsung LD/HD TV. Congratulations to ALL of our winners during this fun promotion! Stay tuned for Hoops Hysteria!!

Trevor Jackson, Larry Storo Jr., AJ Sare, Kent Sherwood enjoying their last “Pro Football Pickem’” studio time as VIP Pickers (for this season) with Bob Grammens!

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