The Recently Refurbished McCormick Road - CR-109

Looking south toward Moncrieff Ridge and the Big Horn polo fields

The Big Horn Woman's Club honors Melvine Rolston

Celebrating 100 years of serving the Big Horn Community

Big Horn Woman's Club Celebrates 100-years of service to the Big Horn Community

The Big Horn Woman's Club Anniversary Quilt contains the names of those who created it

The south goals below the Bighorns

USPA Western Regional Challenge Part 2

Bendabout wins the USPA Western Regional Challenge

The Bendabout team of Steve Krueger, Gillian Johnston, M. Huckaba, N. Morrison and Julio Arellano

Saturday was one of the hottest days of the year

Sheridan High School girls swim team had a car wash Saturday

The Show had all pre 1965 hot rods and customs

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