The first regularly scheduled Sheridan City Council Meeting of September will be held on Tuesday. They moved the meeting from their regular day Monday, due to the Labor Day holiday. Mayor John Heath shared a little about the meeting.

The incident on Sheridan’s Broadway street is ongoing and the suspect remains in the house. Negotiations continue as these things can take time. The scene is still secure.

Recent tests done by the City of Sheridan’s Weed and Pest Division have revealed that some mosquitoes are carrying West Nile Virus. City Operations Superintendent Mathers Heuck.

According to Sheridan Police Chief Rich Adriaens, power and water is shut off in the immediate areas of the Broadway Street situation. The City is currently working to get them back on. In the meantime, drinking water is being provided at the Sheridan Inn parking lot.

Sheridan Police Chief Rich Adriaens has confirmed that the male subject that is barricaded in a home on Broadway Street is 32-years-old. He also explained that the domestic dispute with the subjects mother, that prompted the initial call to the PD, occurred in a vehicle.

The Buffalo Police Department, through the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, has issued a warning to retailers in the area to watch for counterfeit bills.

Johnson County Clerk Vicki Edelman has compiled the list of candidates for local positions that will appear on the ballot for the upcoming General Election in November.

Now here's Sheridan Media's look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter Pat Blair as published in the Sheridan Enterprise newspaper on Sept. 2, 1916.

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