The Big Horn Country USA Concert Park was set and ready to go this morning for the bands to start playing throughout the afternoon and tonight's headliner, Keith Urban. For the schedule, got to www.bighorncountryusa.com.

Carolyn Kodesh, who was standing in one of the tents off to the side of the Big Horn Country USA stage this morning, said she's the official vendor for the event organizer coming all the way from Wisconsin to sell special Big Horn Country USA souvenirs.

The grounds of the Trails End Concert Park in Sheridan, where the Big Horn Country USA music festival kicks off today, were filled this morning with people prepping the food and drink stands, vendors setting up their wares and concert-goers parked at the gate waiting to be the first ones in, all to the backdrop of music played over the loudspeaker.

The Third Thursday Street Festival series starts today in Sheridan.

This weekend is expected to be one of the biggest visitor weekends of the year, according to the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.

The Sheridan police force is gearing up for the busy weekend, which includes the Big Horn Country USA music festival that could draw up to 10,000 people into the area. Lt.

During a hearing Wednesday on a report by the Congressional Budget Office focused on the fiscal challenges facing the country, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming, said the nation’s long-term fiscal outlook was threatened by the country’s growing debt.

A professor with the University of Wyoming is working with industry professionals to reduce hearing loss among the region’s Spanish-speaking agricultural workers.

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