Sheridan County

Sheridan County commissioners say they must cut employees from the payroll or face a shortfall of $800,000 in the budget for the fiscal year that starts next month.

Sheridan County commissioners say they'll have to cut employees to offset a projected $1.8 million shortfall in the budget for the fiscal year that starts next month.

A new round of heavy rain has caused additional minor flooding in areas of northern and central Wyoming.

This month's “Dining for a Cause” fundraiser at Frackelton's restaurant in Sheridan will help support the Big Horn Mountain Music Festival, held annually in Buffalo.

As reported earlier a suspected has been identified in the fish dumping case in Campbell County. Here’s the update.

The head of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce said Sheridan's summer tourist trade is already feeling the loss of commercial air service at the county's airport.

Montana Dakota Utilities, which provides power to the city of Sheridan and surrounding areas, reported two power outages on Thursday.

The slide-prone hillside at Sheridan Junior High School in Sheridan wasn't greatly affected by Wednesday night's thunderstorm.

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