The Worlds Of Music organization will be presenting Basque music for the public to enjoy, beginning today and continuing Friday and Saturday at various locations in Buffalo.

Wyoming's Game and Fish Commission are covering a range of topics from acquisition of property to bighorn sheep numbers, the Game and Fish budget and collaborative projects with Ducks Unlimited in a two-day meeting in Sheridan this week.

Two of the Sheridan area's lesser-known dude ranches, the IXL near Dayton and the Red Rim/Medicine Wheel ranch, were the focus of Helen Laumann's Casual Conservations in History presentation Wednesday morning.

A group of Sheridan quilters will present seven quilts for veterans at the Sheridan VA Medical Center Friday during the hospital's annual Veterans Day ceremonies that start at 11 a.m.

Buffalo's City Council heard an appeal of a decision made by the City's Planning & Zoning Commission to not allow the parking of a Recreational Vehicle (RV) on private property while they are gone during the winter months.

Voters in Johnson County turned out in more numbers than expected during Tuesday's General Election.
There were 4,402 registered voters before the election, but 4,485 actually cast votes, meaning 83 additional voters registered before voting Tuesday.

The new voter registration line at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall is very large, and has been all day according to Election Judge Fachon Wilson.

Sheridan College will be hosting a tribute to heroes near and far with a ceremony and presentation on Friday at 11 am in the Sheridan College Veterans Plaza.

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