A Look Back in Time

The residence property of R.R. Parish on East Works Street was sold today to John Birchby.

Fire about 4 o'clock this afternoon practically gutted the kitchen annex of the Great Western Hotel on Main Street.

W.F. Huber and his son are spending a few days here in Sheridan.

Mine inspector W.E. Jones visited New Acme yesterday.

A telegram has been received here announcing the death of Carl Smyth.

Col. William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody is staying at the residence of Sherman Canfield.

You can get fishing tackle at the lowest prices from P.C. Duncan, Sheridan's jeweler and optician.

Felix Alston, warden of the state penitentiary, was in Sheridan today. He brought ten convicts to Clearmont for work on the roads in Johnson County.

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