Johnson County

During the last regular city council meeting of the year, Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson took the time to publicly thank the outgoing council members Bill Hawley, Dave Long and the late Russ Humphrey, for choosing to commit to serve the public in that capacity.

For the 61st year, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, better known as NORAd, will be tracking Santa Claus himself tonight. NORAD isn’t the only organization tracking Saint Nick as Google and other sites will have a similar tracker available for the public’s viewing.

In honor of the Holiday Season, the U.S. Census Bureau released several facts relating to the holiday season. There were $23.8 billion in retail sales in December of 2015. Electronic and mail order shopping garnered about $55.7 billion.

Wyoming is currently facing a $400 million shortfall in education funding and State budget analysts have estimated the deficit could grow to $1.8 billion by 2022.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is currently conducting 8 harvest surveys for antelope, deer, elk, moose, sheep, goat, black bear and sandhill crane.

An upcoming workshop near Buffalo will focus on beef cow-calf ranchers who want to boost animal nutrition with well-defined forage supplements to improve animal performance, including conception rates, by matching their operation's annual cycle to the land.

Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder, during his report to the city council this week, said recent alcohol compliance checks by his officers yielded only one sale to a minor, which he called a “great accomplishment” compared to when they began doing the checks just a few years ago.

Buffalo's Caring & Sharing programs have done “really well” this Christmas season, according to Chamber of Commerce CEO Angela Fox.

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