The Worlds Of Music organization will be presenting Basque music for the public to enjoy, beginning today and continuing Friday and Saturday at various locations in Buffalo.

Johnson County, in addition to national, state, city council, county commission and school board races, had many others concerning local boards and districts.

At the beginning of October, WyoLotto made their third transfer of revenue to the state for this year in the amount of $797,638. That brings the total revenue transfer amount to over $2.5 million since April.

Buffalo's City Council heard an appeal of a decision made by the City's Planning & Zoning Commission to not allow the parking of a Recreational Vehicle (RV) on private property while they are gone during the winter months.

Friday November 11th is Veterans Day, and Buffalo will be observing the National Holiday with ceremonies at the Veterans Memorial downtown.

Voters in Johnson County turned out in more numbers than expected during Tuesday's General Election.
There were 4,402 registered voters before the election, but 4,485 actually cast votes, meaning 83 additional voters registered before voting Tuesday.

Today is election day 2016, and for those unsure where to vote in Johnson County, here is some information that may help.

The 2016 General Election in Johnson County, in addition to the federal and state races, will determine who will fill the open seat on the county commission, and who will win the two open positions on the Buffalo City Council.
Additionally, there are positions available on the Johnson County School Board, and spots open on various county boards and districts.

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