What possible connection could a bunch of ducks have to do with Wyoming’s current political situation?
Well, let me explain.
We have all seen these huge tour buses cruising around the state this summer.  
One of the fun things about writing newspaper columns is speculating on things that sound interesting – but will never happen.
Looking back on a half century of holding jobs, the one job that always appealed to me the most and the one that still makes the most sense in describing me is the job of being a reporter.
Wyomingites have varied opinions and I have been hearing from a number of them concerning recent columns.

In cities and towns across Wyoming, people see July 4 as a time of fireworks and blowing things up. But one town tops all the rest in the state and perhaps the nation.

Who are Wyoming’s greatest adventurers?
First there was the mountain man Jim Bridger.  Then add the explorer John Fremont.  Maybe include the one-armed expedition leader John Wesley Powell.
Communication may be even more vital among family members when you live in Wyoming, the lowest populated state in the country.
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