I lost my wallet near the movie theater main parking lot, across from Hammer Chevy. It's red and has my information in it. Thanks in advance. Please call 208.863.9211.

Transmitter for Vehicle. Please call 307-751-6491.

white dog, a small Shiba Inu. Looks like a fox with a curled tail. Name is Lisa. Lost near Big Horn, Wyoming and perhaps near the Big Horn Kennels. Call Terry Barrett at 307-752-5259 or 307- 763-8329.

VW key with body shop swipe card and a "courageous" key chain. Please call (307) 763-2699.

Keys with a blue key chain tag with them. Please call 307-463-2764 cell #.

Hub cap for a Mercury. Silver with black stripes, about 8 inches in diameter. Please Call 307-672-7829 if found.

Black Canon camera. I believe the first picture is of a sunset.
How Should People Contact You? phone 751-4153

Silver colored Toyota hubcap for a Toyota car, lost on Friday. Please call 752-9674.

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