Nike brand tennis shoe size 7; grey with orange lace, left foot Found on Brundage Lane near Wesleyan Church area. Please call: 307 759-9019

We found a very friendly kitten that is black and white in Dayton. It followed us every where and is now with us in Dayton. Found on 10/9. Let me know if you or someone you know lost a kitten in Dayton, possibly by the park. Please email

Harley-Davidson key. Please email

Male yellow lab hanging around my house for a couple of days. I live 12 miles out on hwy 14 going to Ucross. Just over the hill from Murphy gulch. I would like to see him go home to his family. Please call 461-1897 or 461-1896.

Found on side of road on the way to Story Sept 27, two musical instruments. Please call to identify. Would love to reunite you with your music. Call 655-5010 to identify.


Dog in Ucross. Describe to claim. Call 307-737-2237.

Found,1- 5 gallon bucket of a pink solution with "Film" written on it with a black marker. I found this near the 5th street exit a month ago. Sorry for the late posting. Contact by emailing or 307-751-3749.

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