Found on Red Grade. County Road 314 to Little Goose Campground. Turned into the Sheriff's Department.

Found fishing pole on mountain Sunday morning. Describe pole and location if you lost it. Phone 763-2067.


Door key unlock for vehicle. Found on sidewalk above the Big Horn schools. Just east of Crown Drive turn. Call 752-3076 and leave a message.

Chihuahua found on highway near Knode ranch, Friday July 11th. Please email

iPod touch (White) With a background of motorcycles and a broken screen, found week of June 30th. Please call (307)-672-5195

Cell phone at Dog Park on Sheridan Ave. Left on picnic table evening of July 10th. Black case with jewels on it.
Please call 307-763-2323 or 307-672-0272 to identify.

“Bell” key with orange cord found on Loucks street. Can stop by the Country Bounty to claim. 303 S. Main, Sheridan

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