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May 20th, 2011

May 19th

Public Pulse - Thursday 05/19/11

RENEW Foundation Shoot Out / Sheridan College

May 18th

May 17th

Public Pulse - Tuesday 05/17/11

Senior Health & Wellness w/Dale Boedeker & Patty Cox /Be A Winner Prevent A Litter w/Elaine & Rachael Kristiansen

May 16th

Public Pulse - Monday 05/16/11

Legislators John Patton & Rosie Berger

May 13th

May 12th

Public Pulse - Thursday 05/12/11

Project Graduation w/Pam Harper / Civic Theatre Guild - Cast of "Proof"

May 11th

Public Pulse -Wednesday 05/11/11

Memorial Hospital w/Mike McCafferty / "Tell It To Me Straight" w/ John Beranek

May 9th

Public Pulse - Monday 05/09/11

Chamber of Commerce / Tongue River Community Valley Community Center w/ Erin Kilbride