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September 2nd, 2014

Tuesday 09-02-14

Animal Shelter / Library

August 29th

August 28th

Thursday 08-28-14

Democratic Candidate for Governor, Pete Gosar / Chamber of Commerce Brewfest, Dixie Johnson

August 27th

Wedenesday 08-27-14

UW / Christy Martin & Aodh Og O'Tuama of Four Shillings Short band

August 26th

Tuesday 08-26-14

Aging in Place, Karen St. Clair / People's Assistance Food Bank, Dan Lick

August 25th

Monday 08-25-14

Sheridan County Museum / Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk, Sydney Rowe

August 22nd

August 21st

Thursday 08-21-14

Association of University Women: Research project / Story Days

August 20th

August 19th

Tuesday 08-19-14

Community Classical Concert, John Burke / Sheridan Recreation District, Richard Wright