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June 9th, 2011

Public Pulse - Thursday 06/09/11

Sheridan Police Chief Richard Adriaens and City of Sheridan HR Director, Heather Doke

June 8th

Public Pulse - Wednesday 06/08/11

Celebrate the Arts w/ Karen Myers & Fanchon Wilson / State Panel on Students with Disabilities w/Carrie Braher and Julie Heil

June 7th

Public Pulse - Tuesday 06/07/11

Dog & Cat Shelter / Heal Your Life Workshop w/ Elaine Burke

Public Pulse - Monday 06/06/11

Library / Chamber of Commerce

June 3rd

June 2nd

Public Pulse - Thursday 06/02/11

Advocacy & Resource Center / Greenhouse Project w/Dale Bell

June 1st

Public Pulse - Wednesday 06/01/11

Legislators Jon Botten and Mike Madden

May 31st

Public Pulse - Tuesday 05/31/11

Buck Brannaman / Sheridan County Historic Mine Byway Project w/Colin Betzler

May 27th

May 26th

Public Pulse - Thursday 05/26/11

Senior Center / "The Automatic Earth" w/Nicole Foss