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January 5th, 2011

The Beautiful Big Horns and beyond

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The view from near the top of Tunnel Hill just off Highway 87

January 4th

Seeing Okay?

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You are not in Europe where they drive on the left

January 3rd

Leaping into the New Year

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Friends Jen Darling and Darby Forister of Sheridan leap into 2011

January 1st

Favorite Sledding Hill - no more

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While fencing one playground in the Child Development Center fenced out another.

December 31st, 2010

Bridging Time

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With the temperature hovering around zero the foot bridge from the Smith Street area into Kendrick Park is void of foot traffic

December 29th

Holiday Dining in Big Horn

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Holiday Dining in Big Horn

December 27th

Christmas Eve Ice Skating

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The Sheridan Ice Rink on Christmas Eve.

December 25th

Sheridan College Revisited

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Christmas lights are at their peak for the season

Part II of II - Fetterman Battlefield Tour 144-years after the Battle

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As part of the 21st Annual walking tour of the Fetterman Battlefield

December 23rd