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June 16th, 2011

Bright and Beautiful

Poppies standing in front of the big white barn at the Gallatin Ranch near Big Horn @ 225 Brinton Road (County Road 103) illuminated by the late afternoon sun on a beautiful Wyoming day.

June 15th

Full Moon Rising East of Big Horn

According to "The Old Farmer's Almanac" the full moon rise in our area was at 9:05 pm June 15th however the surrounding hills delayed its appearance as indicated by this photo taken just east of Big Horn near Yellow Bird Ranch at 9:28 pm. For more see:

The Grass is Good in the Elk Pasture

Thanks to all the spring rain the grass is lush in the elk pasture as this elk, with several blades of grass in her mouth, pauses while chewing for this photo opportunity.

June 14th

U.S. 14, 31.5 miles east of Greybull.

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These photographs were taken after 10 loads of recycled asphalt was placed in the 100-foot section of highway. Engineers are estimating the highway has dropped three to four feet in this area.

June 14th - Flag Day

From roots established by a kindergarten teacher on June 14, 1889 Flag Day was officially established by President Woodrow Wilson's Proclamation on May 30th, 1916 and later made an Act of Congress in 1949 when President Truman signed the act designating June 14th of each year as National Flag Day.

June 13th

In the quest for "Raptoround"

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In their quest for pars, birdies and eagles golfers in the 2011 Sheridan Media Golf Tournament at Kendrick Golf Course headed to their golf carts at 12:55 pm Friday to hear Mr.

No Shoes - No Shirt - No Problem - Jimmy John's Delivers

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You can order by telephone, online or drop by in person to enjoy a gourmet sandwich and more from the new Jimmy John's in Sheridan at 727 E. Brundage Lane, Suite C - they are located in the big T&C Retail Center at the corner of Coffeen Avenue and Brundage Lane.

June 12th

"Rock Star" Rocketed and then Rolled

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The Sheridan County Fairgrounds was the place to be Saturday evening for a roaring good time as Monster Trucks came to town and oh did they ever perform. "Rock Star," shown here won two of the three Monster Truck competitions - the Wheelie Contest and the Freestyle - while Razin Kane won the racing competition.

June 11th

Local girls compete in 2011 All-Star Basketball against Montana

Three local area girls, #24 Dallas Shaw, from Buffalo High School; #20 Kayla Woodward and #12 Brianna Smith (on the right) both from Sheridan High School competed on the 2011 Wyoming Girls All-Star Basketball team against Montana Friday evening. It was a rough night for Wyoming as reflected on the score board in the 3rd period of play in the Bruce Hoffman Golden Dome at Sheridan College.