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December 24th

Beneath the North Star?

Pretend if you will that it's a North Star instead of a street light that shines down on this honorable mention award for decorating - just missing the 3rd place $100 award presented by Landon's Greenhouse & Nursery in the Sheridan Press Residential Christmas Decorating Contest. If you drive up West 8th Street you can't miss seeing 1212 Parker Avenue as it is on the corner of 8th and Parker.

December 23rd

Cool Colors

Perhaps within walking distance to many is this illuminated corner at 15 North Sheridan Avenue. It is just across the street from the now vacant, former Central Middle School property - just east of the old football field.

A True Winter Wonderland (updated)

As you turn left off of Highway 335 into the Powder Horn you'll see this lovely setting that offers three totally decorated sides. You'll pass one side just inside the Powder Horn, then turn left to see another side and then turn left and circle around Chaparral Court for the frontal view. It all starts with two lovely angles - enjoy your visit. Scroll down for a preview.

Mountain View Delight

Red and white illuminated candy canes lead the way to 407 W. Mountain View Drive where lavender and turquoise lights shine above white lights that illuminate the decorations below.

December 22nd

A Touch of Snow sets off this display

The inch or so of recent snow make the decorations at 1549 Holly Ponds Drive "pop out" even more in this wonderful Christmas display - it is on a corner near Sagebrush Elementary School.

Bald Eagles

Photos by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

Nice Christmas Touch

Driving west on Loucks Street you'll see this nice touch of Christmas decorating on the right side of the 500 block - at 533 W. Loucks to be precise.

December 21st

Christmas Lights are shining!

Merry Christmas!!
Photos by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

December 20th

"Hot! Hot! Ooh, we got it."

Midway through the Big Horn High School Christmas Concert on Tuesday evening Taylor Cameron, Moniqua Irion, Rebecca Gilbert, Chloe Swan Christian Klepperich and Zach Blaney sang "Hot Chocolate," a song from the Christmas movie The Polar Express, that starts with the words; Hot! Hot! Ooh, we got it. They were hot and in the Christmas spirit.

December 19th

A "Must See" when out viewing Christmas Lights

Just last Saturday I shot photos of a 2012 Chevrolet Volt ( that is powered by electricity. Little did I know then that less than a mile away is this 65-year older 1947 International Pickup that is also electrified.