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May 13th, 2014


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The frog poolside at Kendrick park in Sheridan is just waiting to gobble up kids and spit them out. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)

May 7th

Sheridan Troopers Season Opens

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Sheridan Troopers, game one of season in Billings, Sunday May 4th. Game was a Doubleheader with Billings Halos.

May 6th


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Photos by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

Spring time at the Powder Horn

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Photos courtesy of Irene L. Hause.

May 5th

Feelin' Foxy

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Fox cubs by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

May 4th

Baby Bunny

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photo by Judy Hagerott

May 1st

April 22nd

Bison Lunchbreak

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Bison grazing in Kendrick Park. According to the informational "sign" in front of the pasture, bison can leap 6 feet vertically. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Cruisin' Cody

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Georgia Efferson stopped on Main Street in Buffalo Saturday afternoon during a ride with her standard poodle, Cody. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)