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October 20th, 2009

Tongue River High School To Undergo Minor Remodeling Over The Holidays

The brand new Tongue River High School will undergo a minor remodeling during the holiday break this year. Moisture in the concrete as it cured kept tiles from sticking to the floor of the commons area.

Sheridan County School District #1 Recognized Outstanding Instructors

The Sheridan County School District 1 Board of Trustees recognized several teachers for special awards they’ve recently received at their October board meeting last night. Superintendent Sue Belish says those educators will have a place on the District “Wall of Fame.”

Sheridan County Commissioners Hold Last Meeting In October

Earlier this month Sheridan County started the process to amend several development resolutions and set public hearings on those resolutions for December 1st. During their meeting Tuesday, Commissioners changed the hearing date on all the resolutions to December 15th.

Ranchester Council Continues To Work On Municipal Code Revisions

The Ranchester Town Council continues with the long and sometimes tedious task of revising the town's ordinances. The Council approved amendments to several ordinances on 3rd reading and one on 1st reading. One ordinance was thrown out altogether, as the business license and amusement tax is no more. Ranchester Mayor Cliff Clevenger.

Sheridan High School Student Named One Of Two AP Scholars Of The Year

The Wyoming Department of Education has announced the AP State Scholars of the year. Sheridan County School District Two Assistant Superintendent Terry Burgess tells us who they are.

Burgess said that Sheridan High School has been well represented regarding the AP Scholar Awards, as last year both awards went to students at Sheridan High.

Estate Planning Seminar Is This Saturday At Sheridan College

Sheridan and Johnson County Estate Planning Lawyers will present a free estate planning seminar this Saturday at Sheridan College. One of the seminar's presenters, Tim Tarver, says there will be a lot of different topics covered throughout the day.

Initial Report on Plane Crash Expected Today

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - The National Transportation Safety Board is expected to release its initial findings today into the cause of a plane crash near Billings that killed both men aboard.

October 19th

How Are Capital Facilities Tax Revenues Distributed?

Sheridan County voters approved the capital facilities tax in August. Now that the county should start seeing revenues from that tax, the City of Sheridan has been asked to alter the way the money is distributed. In prior taxes, all the entities involved have agreed to direct all revenues from the taxes for a few months to the smaller communities and their projects.

City To Vacate Alleys In Old Central Middle School Property

When the two blocks that housed Central Middle School were originally platted, alleys and lot divisions were present. Loucks Street was vacated so the school could be built. However, the alleys never were. Holy Name Catholic church now holds the property as undeveloped land and would like the alley right-of-ways vacated to facilitate development.

City Council Approves Agreement With SAWS For Infrastructure Upgrade

The Sheridan City Council held their second October meeting yesterday. They approved the 2nd reading of two ordinances that amended the development code requiring traffic studies and infrastructure agreements for certain new developments.