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August 9th, 2010

Kendrick Day at Kendrick Park

Democrats enjoy a shady picnic at the annual Kendrick Day event Saturday in Kendrick Park.

Sheridan County Democrats gathered at Kendrick Park Saturday for free food, family fun, and a time to get to know some of the Democratic candidates running for office this year.  Acting chair of the Sheridan County Democrats, Shannon Anderson said it was a good way to get the local party folks out.

August 8th

Gubernatorial Candidate Discusses Palin; Firearm Rights

Wyoming Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Mead talking shop at Farmers Coop in Sheridan.
Wyoming Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Mead (middle) talking shop at Farmers Co-op in Sheridan.

Last Friday, while Wyoming Republican Gubernatorial candidate Matt Mead was in Sheridan to attend several events, he took some time out of his hectic schedule to speak with Sheridan Media News Director Ron Richter about some issues of relevance.

WYDOT Has a Reminder About Signage

WYDOT Public Involvement Specialist Ronda Holwell

With the Primary Election just over a week away, officials with WYDOT wanted to remind listeners what the law is regarding signs and WYDOT rights-of-way and signal poles. WYDOT Regional Public Involvement Specialist Ronda Holwell explains.

GI Bill helps Wyo. kids and spouses get education

The Post 9/11 GI Bill is helping some University of Wyoming students earn a college degree. UW sophomore John McKnight says he probably would have had to take a year off of school to work before heading to college without the benefits his father earned from the GI bill.
McKnight's is the first class to be able to take advantage of

August 7th

Grants For Physician Recruitment Currently Available

Many counties around Wyoming continue to lack sufficient health care access, and a significant part of this problem is due to a shortage of physicians. In order to increase the number of physicians in Wyoming, Kim Deti with the Wyoming Department of Health says they are offering grant monies:

August 6th

The Economics of Geyser Gazing

More people than ever before are geyser-gazing in Yellowstone.
The park continues to be a popular destination point, but now its “officially” more popular than ever.

Report on Local Dropout Rates Released

The latest report on the Wyoming's dropout rate bodes well for several of our local school districts. Both Sheridan District 3, which serves the Clearmont area, and also Bighorn District 1 each had a zero percent dropout rate. These are among seven school districts state wide that had no dropouts for that school year.

Gubernatorial Candidate Talks Wolves

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy Thursday reinstated Endangered Species Act protection for wolves in Montana and Idaho, saying the government made a political decision in removing the protection from just two of the three states where Rocky Mountain wolves are located.

Big West Arts Festival

The 5th annual Big West Arts Festival is this weekend at Sheridan College.
The 5th annual Big West Arts Festival is this weekend at Sheridan College.

The 5th annual Big West Arts Festival is set to take place on the front lawn of Sheridan College this weekend, as there will be everything from art and music, to a welding rodeo and artist quick draw. Sheridan College President Dr. Paul Young says that the event just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.

Timothy Schaffer Sentencing Continued

Timothy Paul Schaffer

After being found guilty on June 3rd of Aggravated Assault and Battery, Timothy Paul Schaeffer was initially scheduled to be sentenced Friday morning in 4th Judicial District Court.