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June 16th, 2013

Sens. Enzi, Barrasso to Obama: 'Don’t Abuse Monument Power to Pay Political Debts'

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Wyoming's senators are concerned with a 1906 law that empowers the president in designating certain areas of federal land as a monument. They say the power could be abused to ultimately hinder American energy development. Sheridan Media's Chris Foy has more.

Sheridan Media Week in Review

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Mother Nature certainly dominated the news this past week with a bevy of severe thunderstorms that brought high winds and damaging hail to much of northeast Wyoming. Late Tuesday afternoon, torrential rain in Sheridan County resulted in flash flooding. Sheridan County Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Coleman.

June 15th

UW Professor Co-Writes Paper on Discovery of Possible Planet Formed Around Distant Star

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A University of Wyoming professor co-wrote a paper that purports a planet may be nestled in a gap in the disk around the star known as TW Hydrae, which is located 176 light years away.

Keeping Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorms

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Our pets typically become frightened during thunderstorms, in particular, our canine friends.

Wyoming Stock Growers Get New President

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The Wyoming Stock Growers Association has a new president. Jim Wilson, of Thermopolis, has taken over the reins of the organization for the next two years. The organization also has several new regional vice presidents from across the state.

Wyo. Senators Reject Reform Despite Popular Support

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Both Wyoming Senators, John Barrasso and Mike Enzi, voted against the immigration reform bill this week even though 71 percent of Wyomingites polled say they support the proposal.

June 14th

Governor Mead Sends Help to Colorado

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Wyoming is sending a National Guard helicopter and its four-person crew to Colorado to help fight the deadly Black Forest fire near Colorado Springs. Gov. Matt Mead announced that the Black Hawk helicopter and four-person crew left for Colorado Friday afternoon.

Sheridan Couple Investigated for Tax Fraud

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A couple in Sheridan is under investigation for hiding money in offshore bank accounts to avoid paying taxes.

Wyoming wrestles with gas flares that might not help oil production

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by Dustin Bleizeffer Originally published June 11, 2012 on

Wyoming’s top oil and gas officials today declined a request by SM Energy Co. to continue flaring — or burning — natural gas from two horizontal oil wells in southeast Wyoming at a rate beyond Wyoming’s standard allowable 60 thousand cubic feet (mcf) per day.

June 13th

Representative Coleman Discusses Affordable Care Act

The Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Committee of the Wyoming Legislature recently met, and one of the topics of discussion was the affordable care act and how it will affect Wyoming residents.