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February 1st

2011 Sheridan Region G&F Accomplishments: Wildlife Habitat and Enforcement

South Gillette Game Warden Irah Leonetti with antlers confiscated from a poaching case. ( Photo Courtesy of the G&F)
Sheridan Terrestrial Habitat Biologist Bert Jellison discussing a sage-grouse population graph with a group of Buffalo High School students. (Photo Courtesy of the G&F)

Each year the Sheridan Region Game and Fish releases a series of accomplishments regarding their various programs that outline how sportsmen and women's dollars are spent in northeast Wyoming.

Buffalo's State Of The City Address Today at Noon

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess, City Clerk Julie Silbernagel and City Planner Zach Montgomery will present the State of the City Address today during the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce's Luncheon.
Mayor Dyess tells us what to expect from the address.

JCSD1 Report To Community Available Online

Dr. Rod Kessler

The annual Report to the Community, compiled by the Johnson County School District, is now available online as well as being posted at various public buildings in the community.
The data in the report is from the 2010-2011 school year.

Johnson County's New Deputy Attorney Sworn Tuesday

Ralph Boynton is sworn into office as Johnson County Deputy Attorney.

Johnson County Clerk of Court Thelma Axberg performed the swearing-in of Johnson County's new Deputy County Attorney Ralph Boynton Tuesday afternoon in the courthouse.