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NWCCD Sees Rise in Graduation Rate at Sheridan College

Members of the board of trustees of the Northern Wyoming Community College District discuss items on the agenda at Thursday's meeting. (Photo by Chris Foy)

The board of trustees of the Northern Wyoming Community College District heard reports Thursday night about how Sheridan College has seen a rise in the graduation rate of its students - to 31%.

SC's Whitney Academic Center to Open by August

The floor plan for the first floor of the Edward A. Whitney Academic Center at Sheridan College. (Image courtesy of

The academic center currently under construction at Sheridan College is set to open earlier than expected this summer. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Sheridan College, Cheryl Heath, gives an update on the construction of the Edward A.

Wall Street Journal To Feature Buffalo's Cowboy Carousel

Miguel Bustillo with the Wall Street Journal at Buffalo's Cowboy Carousel on Thursday.

Miguel Bustillo, Deputy Dallas Bureau Chief with the Wall Street Journal, is in Buffalo this week, researching the Cowboy Carousel, its history here and the push to get the local treasure a new home, get it repaired and open again for the public to enjoy.

Advocacy and Resource Center Scavenger Hunt Set for Saturday

Victim Advocate with the Advocacy and Resoure Center Rhonda Weber

The Advocacy and Resource Center has a very unique event planned for this Saturday night. Victim Advocate for the Resource Center Rhonda Weber, explains what the “Amazing Challenge for an Amazing Cause” is all about.

Change of Plea in District Court

A Change of Plea hearing was held Thursday morning for a Sheridan man in Fourth Judicial District Court. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there.

Assessor Takes Back Voucher For Legal Services

At a special meeting called by the Johnson County Commissioners Thursday morning, County Assessor Cindy Rogers asked for the voucher submitted for legal fees to be returned to her, and that the county not pay those fees.

New proposal may raise fish population in ranchland streams

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Drought conditions in 2002 reduced the flow of Wyoming’s Big Sandy River. A new bill in the state legislature would allow private landowners to temporarily lease their water rights to fishing organizations and other groups. (Courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey — click to expand)

By Kelsey Dayton,

Former LDCC Highlights DeSmet Lease Issues

Members of the former Lake DeSmet Counties Coalition have protested the sale of Sheridan County's sale of water rights since the proposal was first introduced for public review.

G&F Requests Amendments to DeSmet Proposal

Sheridan County Commissioner, Terry Cram, has elaborated on yesterday's meeting with the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission in Rock Springs.

PBS Offers Wyoming Perspectives of Medicare, Social Security

Tonight, PBS will broadcast a discussion with Wyoming residents regarding the future of Medicare and Social Security. Viewers are invited to call in with their questions about healthcare reform and express their opinions regarding the management of the federal programs.