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February 14th

G&F to Host Free Informational Seminar

Not necessarily what you want peering into your window. (Photo Courtesy of the G&F)

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department sponsors free informational seminars annually that teach residents safety measures while living around large predators.

Big Week for Green House Living for Sheridan

This Thursday, Green House Living for Sheridan will be holding a special open house/welcome reception at the Sheridan Senior Center for one of their newest members. Green House Associate Director Kay Wallick.

NWCCD; CWC Work for Budget Amendment to Secure Capital Improvement Funds

Sheridan College President, Dr. Paul Young

Funding from the State, along with matching funds locally could bring about significant capital improvements at Central Wyoming College in Fremont County and at Sheridan College in Sheridan. Sheridan Media was able to speak this morning to Sheridan College President, Dr.

Poll Question: Football Championships in Laramie

On February 7th, the Wyoming High School Activities Association Board voted to award the bid for the next three years to the University of Wyoming to host the Wyoming State High School Football Championships.

Buffalo Development Association: What next?

Now that the public has spoken recently about their desire to not have the carousel located downtown in Crazy Woman Square, and now that Olin Turner, President of the Buffalo Development Association, has submitted his resignation, the question that rises to the top is, “What next?”

School Board to Discuss Legislation

Dr. Rod Kessler

The Johnson County School Board will have their regularly scheduled meeting Monday night and will, among other things, discuss Legislation currently being discussed in Cheyenne.

February 13th

Cancer Center Expansion Plans Moving Forward

Design plans for the expansion of the Welch Cancer Center in Sheridan continue to progress. Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty gives us the update on how things are going.

City Construction Projects Will Be At a Minimum This Year

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City of Sheridan Public Works Director Nic Bateson

The City of Sheridan funds their construction projects annually using 50% capital facilities tax monies and 50% state grant funding. City Public Works Director Nic Bateson explains that the City has taken a major cut in state grant funding.

Dance the Night Away

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Firefighter Jon Syring dances with his daughter Maddy at the 4th Annual Fireman's Ball. (courtesy photo)

There’s just something about a man in uniform that will turn most any woman’s head, and there was a lot of head turning from both genders Saturday night, as well over 150 people attended the semi-formal Fireman’s Ball at the Historic Sheridan Inn.

February 13th

Changes in Store for Sheridan County Fair

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Sheridan County Fairgrounds Facilities Director Melissa Albrecht

This year's Sheridan County Fair will have a bit of a different look to it as there has been some new entertainment that has been added to try and attract a wider array of people to the Fair. Facilities Director Melissa Albrecth explains.