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Final Day of Jeep Jamboree

An example of one of the trails Jeep lovers enjoy on a Jeep Jamboree trail ride. (Photo courtesy

Bear Lodge in the beautiful Big Horn Mountains has been playing host to the 2nd Annual Big Horn Mountain Jeep Jamboree since Thursday, with today capping off a series of off-road trail rides. Jeep Jamborees have been going strong since their inception in California in the 50's, with more and more events added each year.

Poitra, Jr. Motion In Limine

Dennis Poitra, Jr., escorted into the Sheridan County Courthouse in August, 2009.

In Limine. Pronounced “in lim-ee-nay”, it's a Latin term which means “at the threshold,” and in legal jargon, it's a motion made before the start of a trial requesting that the judge rule that certain evidence may, or may not, be introduced to the jury in a trial. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has more.