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February 1st

Part One Of Our Series On Sheridan Travel And Tourism Focuses On Awards And International Outreach

We begin part one of our series on Sheridan Travel and Tourism with a look at some of the awards that were bestowed upon Sheridan in 2009 and how international outreach has been a big boost to tourism in Sheridan. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has more.

Sheridan City Council Sets Deadline For Applications For Bar And Grill Licenses

The Sheridan City Council tabled the public hearing on the issuance of the two available bar and grill licenses at their meeting Monday night.

Council Awards Bids For North Lift Station And Water Main Lining Project

Bids were awarded by the Sheridan City Council for two fairly significant projects in Sheridan that are set to begin this construction season. The first being the North Lift Station, which would essentially replace aging infrastructure on Canfield Street in North Sheridan. The bid award was in the amount of nearly $1.1 million to Hot Iron Inc. of Gillette.

Representative Rosie Berger Spends Week With Joint Appropriations Committee; Heads to National Conference of State Legislators

Last week, the Joint Appropriations Committee for the Wyoming State Legislature met to prepare their recommendations for the upcoming Budget Session which starts a week from today.

A Local Comedy Troupe Recounts the Trials and Tribulations of Being Almost Famous

Local comedy group Late Nite Shenanigan's had their first of what will be monthly shows at the Bozeman Trail in Big Horn. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has more:

A Sheridan High School Team is Tops at the Annual Academic Challenge

Written by Judy Hagerott

Whispers of Alex Trabec and echoes of the Jeopardy theme song might just have been heard floating down the halls at the Whitney Building at Sheridan College this past Saturday during the 14th Annual Wyoming Academic Challenge.

Weekly Poll Question Asks Your Opinion About Congress

For the most part, those who feel called to live part of their lives as civil servants do so with the needs of the people and places they represent in mind. There are, of course, those whose motives for seeking elected office are only self-serving.

January 31st

Sheridan City Council May Award A Couple Of Bar And Grill Licenses Tonight

The Sheridan City Council will hold their first meeting of February tonight. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has a preview.

7th Annual Pennies For President's Day Kicks Off Today

The 7th Annual Pennies for President's Day is now underway, and the Sheridan Senior Center, along with Heritage Towers and Fort McKenzie High School, will be collecting pennies throughout the month for a good cause. Senior Center Activities Director Jane Perkins says that the money raised will go toward the Wyoming Cares program.

Sheridan College Updates Rangeland Management Program

Sheridan College has updated one of their agricultural programs with a name change and the addition of new courses and more hands-on experiences. Dean of Ag and Technical Programs, Ami Erickson, explains how the program is structured now.