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November 29th

“Yaks Gone Wild”

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Why is everybody pickin' on me?

There are some who pine for fewer feral cats, but that's not what the Johnson County Commissioner's had on their mind when they made their case to our legislative delegation. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the story:

Christmas Parade; Chili Feed in Buffalo

This Saturday, the Christmas season will officially begin in Buffalo with many events all day, capped by the annual chili feed and the Lighted Christmas Parade. Aaron Palmer brings us the details.

Open House Opportunities in Buffalo Saturday

Buffalo Chamber of Commerce Director Angela Jarvis

With the unofficial kickoff to Buffalo's Christmas season this weekend, many local businesses will have open houses to showcase their stores.

SCC Talk Taxes With Local Legislators

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How capital projects are funded was one of the main concerns of the Sheridan County Commissioners when they presented to our local legislative delegation late Monday.

Emergency Snow Route Alert

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An “Emergency Snow Route Alert” has been issued by the City of Sheridan. Street Maintenance Manager, Pete Husman:

Contractor Requests Meeting with Johnson County Commission

The Buffalo/Johnson County Criminal Justice Center under construction.

The Johnson County Commission will hold a public work session Tuesday in the commission office at the Johnson County Courthouse. Sheridan Media News Director for Johnson County, Aaron Palmer, has more.

Johnson County Commissioners Support Gas Tax

Johnson County Commissioners were the final presenters to the local legislative delegation on Monday evening. Several of the big issues they brought forth were dealing with livestock, and also the proposed increase in our “gas tax”

Fatalities on Wyoming Roads

Wyoming highway fatalities have exceeded the number from this time in 2009.

Two separate accidents in Wyoming claimed two lives in as many days. Sgt. Stephen Townsend issued a media release on the incidents.

“From Grasslands to Greenland” at Bradford Brinton

Bridger Konkel stands by one of his Wyoming landscape oil paintings, on display at the Bradford Brinton Gallery in Big Horn.

If the line of cars headed towards the Bradford Brinton Memorial and Museum Saturday was any indication, the 20th Annual “Holiday Show” featuring the oil paintings of local artist Bridger Konkel was on its way to a great start. 

Street Crews Out Plowing

Plows like this one have been out all night clearing Sheridan's streets. (courtesy photo)

The blizzard conditions in the past several hours caused many areas of drifting snow, keeping City of Sheridan street crews busy all night. Pete Husman, Operations Manager for Streets Maintenance, describes conditions this morning for drivers.