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July 18th, 2016

Black Kitten

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All black, long-haired eight-month-old kitten/cat. She has a black and white collar with a bell and we live in Big Horn. Please call 763-0922.

Male Chocolate Lab

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Male Chocolate Lab, Red collar. Please call 208-861-8778.

Items Found at Killy's Deli

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We have found these items at Killy's deli, silver necklace, silver ear rings and a key with the blue key ring if you can describe what these items look like we will be happy to return them to the rightful owner. Please call 307-674-9224 or 674-2104.

July 15th

German Shepherd

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Most likely a German shepherd, all brown around 70 lbs found running around Badger Creek. Call: 750-2796

July 13th

Boston Terrier

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Female Boston Terrier, Sagebrush School Area. Please call 751-4213.