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July 27th, 2015

Harley Key

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One Harley key with Harley fob, believe lost on Thurmond starting at road construction. Please call 602-361-6728.

Brown Chicken

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Brown Polish Chicken hen in Downer Addition area. Please call 751-1271.

Corgi Mix

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2 yr old male Corgi mix,has a Star Wars collar on and his name is Jasper. A very friendly dog, lost between Ranchester and Dayton. Please call Judy at 307-461-0163.

July 23rd


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Glasses with black metal rims found on West Brundage St. Please call 751-8211.

July 20th

Male Dog

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Male dog, brindle colored, medium size found at Story park. If this is your dog, call 683-3262.

July 16th

Sleeping Bag

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Brown slumberjack sleeping bag in Kerney Lake area on 7-4-15. Please call 751-2380 if found.

July 15th


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Please call and describe. 673-4703

Male Cat

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I male cat, black with white chest, name of Moses. lost from 395 pheasant place in sparrowhawk subdivision. Please call 307 751 4379 or 307 674 4379

July 14th

Keys on a Lanyard

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keys on a lanyard at WYO rodeo. Please call to identify.
672-9084 between noon and 5 Monday through Friday

Cell Phone

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cell phone at WYO rodeo. Please call to identify. 672-9084 Monday through Friday Noon to 5