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October 29th, 2014

Plastic toolbox & tools

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Plastic toolbox & tools. Decker Hwy area. Call to identify 307-752-1492.

Silver wedding band

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Silver wedding band with Damascus inlay. Letter K engraved inside of band. Lost at the Sheridan VA hospital around October 2nd. Reward. Please call 307-620-5741

GMC key fob

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GMC key fob with one key on end at The Brinton Museum on Saturday afternoon with fitness and Sheridan Motor tags. Please call 307-672-3173.

Tabby Cat

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Orange Tabby Cat, approx 10 years old, female. Very friendly, thin, answers to Tonks. Lost 10/22 on the eastern end of Park Street in Sheridan. She is very loved! Please call 307-752-7232.

October 28th

Brown Tabby Cat with Black Stripes

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Lost Wyatt, our four and a half year old neutered cat. Last seen October 26, 2014 at Heide's Mobile Home Park, #22. He is mostly an indoor cat, but does like to spend time outside when it is warm out. He does not like to be cold, and prefers to be indoors at night. He is a brown tabby, with black striping on him. He is chipped, and local shelters do not have him. Please help us bring him home.

Grey striped kitten

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Gray striped kitten on KROE lane by the radio station. Looks about half grown. It was scared so I couldn't catch it.

Child's blanket

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Child's blanket. Shiny green w a dull purple edge. Please call 307-461-7198

Pink and red flowered umbrella

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Small pink, red, and white colored umbrella with flower print. Left on the stage at Pet-O-ween. Please call 672-7421 to claim or come to the Sheridan Media Offices, 1716 KROE lane.

Blue Joe Boxer Sweater, Size Large

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Joe Boxer brand, size L 10-12, Navy blue sweater with pink and purple hearts and says "Smile". Left on the stage at Pet-O-Ween. Please call 672-7421 to claim or come to the Sheridan Media Offices, 1716 KROE lane.

October 27th

Big Yellow Dog

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Big yellow and white female mix dog on Meade Creek Rd. Saturday Oct 26 at 9pm. Please call (307) 760-4685.