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October 17th, 2014

Nike brand tennis shoe

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Nike brand tennis shoe size 7; grey with orange lace, left foot Found on Brundage Lane near Wesleyan Church area. Please call: 307 759-9019

October 16th


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Stainless steel heavy duty Leatherman with COLORADO ENERGY MANAGEMENT engraved on the handle and missing lock button on one side. Lost along pathway near water street while weedeating the bridges. Set on bumper of gator while doing repairs and forgot it. Please call (406) 855-3036.

Calico Cat

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3-legged, short-haired, gray calico cat named "Spice". Last seen on Monday, Oct. 13 on Hillpond Drive by SHS. Little girl misses her terribly. Please call 751-5482. Thank you. Please call 307-751-5482.


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We found a very friendly kitten that is black and white in Dayton. It followed us every where and is now with us in Dayton. Found on 10/9. Let me know if you or someone you know lost a kitten in Dayton, possibly by the park. Please email

ATV Ramp

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A small ATV ramp on 10/14/14 on one of the following roads. Big Horn Ave., Brundage Ln., Highway 14 East of town, Upper Cat Road, # 64, or Dow Prong Road, # 151. Please call 07-751-0408

October 15th

Harley Davidson key

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Harley-Davidson key. Please email

October 13th


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Lost keys on a fob that is Indian beading. Lost 10-9-14. Reward! Has 2 keys on the end. Please call (307) 672-5251 thank you.

Yellow Lab

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Male yellow lab hanging around my house for a couple of days. I live 12 miles out on hwy 14 going to Ucross. Just over the hill from Murphy gulch. I would like to see him go home to his family. Please call 461-1897 or 461-1896.

October 10th

Short haired Pointer/Hunting Dog

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Saw a shorthaired pointer/ hunting dog. White with liver spots, dark head. Collar. Seemed lost but didn't want to let me check his tags for a phone number or catch him. 1:30 pm Friday Oct 10. Near Hillcrest Drive and Crescent. Please call 763-6824.

October 7th

Musical Tnstruments

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Found on side of road on the way to Story Sept 27, two musical instruments. Please call to identify. Would love to reunite you with your music. Call 655-5010 to identify.