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August 25th, 2016


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Found: Toolbox and tools on street. Please call 307-756-2132 to identify and claim your tools.

August 24th

Brown Dog

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I was wondering if anybody has seen a brown dog about 40 pounds about 7/8 years old in the downer addition Parker Avenue street if anybody has seen him please bring him home his name is Levi. Please call 763-2273 or txt me.

GS7 gold cell phone

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GS7 gold cell phone lost at SHERIDAN pond on Saturday August 20th. Reward offered please call 971/240/9326 sentimental photos of mother that just passed away. It would mean the world to me upon return. The person can charge it then I can call it,it useless to anyone other than I ad it was reported and useless with any other sim so please return it generous reward offered!

August 22nd

Tabby Colored Kitten

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Found a tabby colored kitten about 6 months, 5th and highland street. Where the geese area is. Please call 752-1302.

August 19th

Gray and White Cockatiel

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LOST: Gray and white cockatiel in Ranchester in the area of the fishing pond on Aug 18th. His name is Bizee and he's scared to pieces. Cockatiels can fly for miles so please, please keep your eyes and ears peeled for our precious little bird. We can only pray that he will return to us. Please call 406-351-1067 or 406-351-3521.

August 18th

Red & Brown Doberman

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Red & Brown Doberman, last seen NE of Ranchester. Call 655-9067

August 16th

Car Trailer Gate

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Back gate to my car trailer. Near Sheridan Ave. Please call 307-763-0964.

August 15th

Youth Saddle

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Youth Saddle. Left at Sheridan Fairgrounds by the small arena Wednesday August 10th at the last Cowgirls Rodeo. It has WJRA cinch buckles won by my 8 year old daughter. We would be so thankful to have it returned. Please call Cara 307-620-2686.

August 12th


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Wallet with patchwork design. Please call 307-429-8986

Kids Retainer

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Retainer for kids mouth. It is white/clear with black transformer on it. I know it's a long shot, but they're expensive, so you have to try! Please call 751-8745.