October 15th, 2016

Color Fun Run Raises Funds Student Veterans

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The recent COMBAT Color Fun Run hosted by Sheridan College raised $1,750. Veterans Affairs Coordinator for the College, Tyler Jensen talks specifically about what the funds raised will be used for.

October 14th

A Look Back in Time: Oct. 15, 1916

Now here's Sheridan Media's look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter Pat Blair as published in the Sheridan Post newspaper on Oct. 15, 1916.

Broncs Nail Natrona 37-13/ Tongue River Pins Pine Bluffs 28-14/ Rams Route Moorecroft 46-8

Sheridan Bronc Football
The #2 Ranked 4A Sheridan Bronc Football team took care of Natrona with a 37-13 win. Next week they close out the regular season against Cheyenne South.

Tongue River Eagles Football
Tongue River's #2 1A Eagles football team took care of Pine Bluffs 28-14. Next week they will look to take 1st place in the 1A ranks by beating #1 ranked Upton/Sundance on the road, finishing out their regular season.

Big Horn Ram Football

Klein Shares What Vision Is Doing

Patrick Klein, director of Vision Beyond Borders, updated Sheridan County residents on what his ministry is doing during a meet-and-greet Friday night at Sheridan's Holiday Inn.

Sheridan Broncs/Tongue River Eagles Varsity Football Scores

Score Updates

Sheridan - 37
Natrona - 13

Tongue River - 28
Pine Bluffs - 14

Wyoming Wilderness Association Hosts Event on Tuesday

Anyone who is interested in the outdoors whether it be hiking, fishing, camping, or any other outdoor activity are encouraged to attend a get together at Sheridan’s Holiday Inn on Tuesday.

Wyoming Coal Producer Starts Shipments to Asia Via Canadian Port

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Utah based Lighthouse Resources Inc. has announced coal shipments to Asia have begun from the Westshore Terminals in Vancouver, B.C., at the same time, announcing its withdrawal from the proposed Morrow Pacific Project in Oregon.

Council Candidates Discuss Future Challenges

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There are four candidates who are seeking the three available seats on the Sheridan City Council in next month’s General Election.