July 18th, 2016

Sheridan County Sunset

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Photo submission by Robert Edwards

Wyoming Theater Festival Brings 2 Weeks of Live Shows to Sheridan

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Sheridan will host two weeks of live theater events through the end of the month. The Wyoming Theater Festival brings five stage shows to life along with workshops, discussions and more over the next 14 days. At the festival, you will see the next big show before it becomes the next big show.

Concerts in the Park Feature Community Band

Head to the Band Shell at Sheridan’s Kendrick Park Tuesday night for a showcase of local talent. As part of the Concerts in the Park series, 40 local musicians will form a community band to play under the direction of Diane Knutson.

Commissioners Approve County Employee Working Election

Sheridan County commissioners have approved a county employee working as election judge during the primary election on Aug. 16.

Passing Storm

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photo submission by Robert Edwards

Fishing Tackle Box

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Fishing Tackle Box found 7/1/16 along creek near Cloud Peak Wilderness Area. Please call (307) 752-5064.

Garmin GPS

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Garmin GPS 60CSX on the road to Little Goose canyon. In a black red and white 6"x 6" bag. Please call 307-672-7141 or 307-751-3733.

Black Kitten

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All black, long-haired eight-month-old kitten/cat. She has a black and white collar with a bell and we live in Big Horn. Please call 763-0922.

Male Chocolate Lab

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Male Chocolate Lab, Red collar. Please call 208-861-8778.

Items Found at Killy's Deli

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We have found these items at Killy's deli, silver necklace, silver ear rings and a key with the blue key ring if you can describe what these items look like we will be happy to return them to the rightful owner. Please call 307-674-9224 or 674-2104.