June 21st, 2013

Should Cindy Hill be impeached?

The Bank of Sheridan
55% (451 votes)
34% (281 votes)
11% (93 votes)
Total votes: 825

An Evening Downtown

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This year's first 3rd Thursday Street Festival in downtown Sheridan was a big success as a good number of people gathered on Main Street and Grinnell to enjoy the festivities. 3rd Thursday will take place monthly through September.

(All photos by Ron and Sarah Richter)

Fire Ruled Accidental

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Sheridan Fire-Rescue has revealed the mobile home fire yesterday at 1076 Adam Street most likely started due to an electrical failure, but the incident is still officially under investigation.

6/20/13 SCA Rodeo Results

6/20/13 Sheridan Cowgirls Association Results
1D Barrells :
1st – Marcy Cunningham 17.80
2nd – Anna Zowada 17.98
3rd – Valarie Wood 18.23

2D Barrells:
1st – Cashlee Cunningham 18.80
2nd – Ronda Holwell 18.83

3D Barrells:
1st – Cindy Wolfe 23.95
2nd – Tara Stimpson 25.39

Sr. Barrells:
1st – Anna Zowada 17.71
2nd – Ellie Bard 18.13

Jr. Barrells:
1st – Bailey Cunningham 17.75
2nd – Mackenzie Wood 19.39

Pee Wee Barrells:
1st – Tuck Myers 26.82
2nd – Quinn Harman 28.22
3rd – Britton Brownell 29.40

1D Poles:
1st – Marcy Cunningham 22.01

6/6/13 SCA Rodeo Results

6/6/13 Sheridan Cowgirls Association Results
1D Barrells :
1st – Anne Ahern 18.12
2nd – Diana Mader 18.62

2D Barrells:
1st – Gillian Grunkemeyer 19.14
2nd – Becky Kobielusz 19.16

3D Barrells:
1st – Amber Ringeisen

Sr. Barrells:
1st – Kade Koltiska 17.70
2nd – Jenna Hoffman 19.26

Jr. Barrells:
1st – Bailey Cunningham 18.28
2nd – Mackenzie Wood 19.39

Pee Wee Barrells:
1st – Grace Peterson 24.76
2nd – Tuck Myers 25.84
3rd – Nick Albrecht 29.64
4th – Quinn Harman

1D Poles:
1st – Shyan Davidson 22.13

2D Poles:
1st – Amber Ringeisen 23.78

June 20th

Cindy Hill on No Child Left Behind

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Wyoming is one of many states that have sought a waiver from the No Child Left Behind Act, an act that was re-written this week by the House Education and Workforce Committee. Sheridan Media's Chris Foy has the story.

Workshops for Young Writers Take Place at Fulmer Library June 28, July 2

Sheridan High School and the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library will be hosting an opportunity for young adults to develop their writing craft and spark creativity later this month and in early July.

34 Sheridan County Students Make UW President's Honor Roll

The University of Wyoming has announced the names of 34 Sheridan County students who made the president's honor roll for the spring semester of 2013.

First of the Year Third Thursday is Another Success

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The four "F's," food, fun, family, and friends, that's what the Third Thursdays are all about.