August 12th, 2011

Annual Blood Screening August 22nd - 27th

Phone lines are open and volunteers are ready and waiting to set up appointments for the annual Sheridan Memorial Hospital Blood Screening. The event is set for the week of August 22nd through 27th, in preparation for the 2011 Health Fair coming up September 24th.

Jo Co to Host Public Hearing on Animal Regulations

The Johnson County Commissioners will have a public hearing to let citizens voice their support and/or concerns over the proposed County Animal Regulations that are currently being discussed for possible implementation by the county.

Jo Co Signs Water Rights Agreement for Steerhead Ranch

The Steerhead Ranch made a request of a number of water rights holders upstream from them, including Johnson County, to allow them to move their water rights to divert water for irrigation.

Buffalo to Bid Landscaping at Wastewater Plant

Buffalo's new wastewater treatment plant

At last week's city council meeting, City Works Director Les Hook requested the council approve him bidding out for landscaping to be completed at the city's new wastewater treatment plant.

August 11th

Thursday Farmer's Market

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Shoppers at Thursday's Farmer's Market

The market in Sheridan remains steady, that is, the Farmer's Market. Held each Thursday at the Whitney Commons across from the library, all sorts of goodies can be found from jewelry to artwork, purses, and baked goods. And let's not forget the vegetables.

Few Details Yet in ATV Accident on Champion Drive

According to Rocky Mountain Ambulance Co-owner Marc Ketcham, RMA responded to a three person single-ATV accident on Champion Drive in Sheridan at around 11 am on Thursday.

Only 10-feet to Go

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The Sheridan North Main Street Reconstruction Project is headed into the homestretch with only a 10 foot "void" to fill before Sheridan once again has a continuous concrete Main Street from Burkitt Street to Fort Road.

USDA Pays $22M to Protect Wyo Sage Grouse Habitat

Female Sage Grouse in the Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming. She had eight or nine chicks scattered in the sagebrush around her. (Photo courtesy Dave Oyen, CC)

CHEYENNE (AP) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture is providing $22 million to encourage ranchers and farmers to conserve habitat for sage grouse in Wyoming. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the new funding Thursday.

SCA Rodeo 8/10 Results

1D Barrels
1. Megan Belus 17.82
2. Carla Olson 17.86
3. Megan Belus 17.88

2D Barrels
1. Lori Sigurdson 19.04
2. Valarie Wood 19.17

3D Barrels
1. Ronda Holwell 20.10
2. Katie Bailey 20.42

Senior Barrels
1. Lacy Blea 18.13
2. Shyanna Cahoy 18.23

Junior Barrels
1. Ellie Bard 18.15
2. Kade Koltiska 18.60

Pee Wee Barrels
1. Kennedy Myers 20.71
2. Makenzie Wood 23.55
3. Tavy Leno 24.46
4. Nick Albrecht 26.72

1D Poles
1. Kylee Cahoy 21.62
2. Amanda Nicholson 22.29

2D Poles
1. Marcy Cunningham 22.63
2. Amber Ringeisen 23.52

Senior Poles

SAWS Approves Cost Sharing Agreement With City

SAWS Administrator and Sheridan County Public Works Director Rod Liesinger

The Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board approved a cost sharing agreement with the City of Sheridan at their monthly meeting Wednesday. The agreement is to enter into a contract with States West Water Resources Corporation to work with SAWS and the U.S.