June 22nd, 2012

Public Pulse - Thursday 06/21/12

Sheridan College / Miss Wyoming Scholarship Pageant

Are recent wildfires significantly worse because logging has been curtailed in our forests?

The Bank of Sheridan
66% (430 votes)
29% (192 votes)
No Opinion
5% (30 votes)
Total votes: 652

Dancing to the Music

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Between the standing room only audience and those seated in chairs were this lively group of youngsters dancing the evening away to the music of Gary Small and the Coyote' Bros. on Tin Star Records during the first 3rd Thursday Street Festival.

Mine Manager Talks Decker Coal

Mine Manager Talks Decker Coal

The Decker Coal mine, located about 35 miles northeast of Sheridan, has been in operation for 40 years and at one time was the largest coal mine in the state of Montana.

Teen Curfews Are All About Keeping Kids Safe

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Teen Curfews Are All About Keeping Kids Safe

Thursday we reported on the various curfews in the City of Sheridan for kids under the age of 14, and those 14 to 18. Today we'll hear from Sheridan Police Officer Dan White on exactly why curfews are needed.

Community-Wide Garage Sale Saturday In Buffalo

Trinkets and treasures...YAY!

The annual Community-Wide Garage Sale, organized by the Buffalo Bulletin, will be this Saturday in at least 20 locations in and around town.

Mead Requesting More Public Comment Time on Proposed Fracking Rules

Mead Requesting More Public Comment Time on Proposed Fracking Rules

In a media release issued by Governor Matt Mead's Office, it states that the Governor is asking Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, to extend the comment period on proposed hydraulic fracturing rules.

Johnson County Approves Recommended Board Appointments

At their meeting Tuesday, the johnson County Commissioners approved a number of people recommended to serve on various boards in the county.

Buffalo Council OKs Design Phase For NW Water Pipeline

At their meeting Tuesday, the Buffalo City Council agreed to sign an agreement to begin the design phase of the NW Water Pipeline Project.

June 21st


SHERIDAN TROOPER BASEBALL - The Sheridan Troopers open up a three day tournament in Powell today they will play five games over the next three days Head coach Ben Phillips.

And Phillips says the pitching staff is all lined up for the next five days because they also have a home game Tuesday night against Casper.