August 1st, 2011


Kira Coe-Kirkham (1st place, girls 16 and up), Taylor Nance (1st place, girls 13-15), and Kindle Coe-Kirkham (2nd place, girls 16 and up)

The summer junior golf series wraps up Monday at Kendrick golf course.

Registration forms are now available at all three local courses.

Sheridan County Museum is Brewing Up History

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4th Annual Brewing Up History Beer Tasting coming to Sheridan County Museum Friday.

Friday, August 5th, the Sheridan County Museum will be holding its 4th annual “Brewing Up History Beer Tasting” fundraiser. Held on the front porch, Black Tooth Brewery will be the featured beer maker. Twenty-four other handpicked beers will also be served.

Busy Times at the Library

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Debbie Iverson, Project Director for Fulmer Library.

The “dog days of summer” might soon be coming to an end, but our local library is just as busy as ever.


Boys ages 8-9 group. From left to right, Brock Bomar (1st place), Brayden James (2nd place), Quinn McCafferty (3rd place), and Carson Bates (4th place).

Sheridan County Junior Golf
Powder Horn Golf Club - Tournament Results
Aug. 1, 2011

Boys Ages 16 and Up (9 holes)
1.Bryce Williams (42)
2.Ben Wollenzien (44)

Boys Ages 13-15 (9 holes)
1. Blake Godwin (49)
2. Jack Roberts & Blaze Mickelson (51 – tie)
4.Connor McCafferty (55)
5.Davis Alden & Nick Eaton (68 - tie)
7.Brody Bard (76)

Boys Ages 10-12 (9 holes)
1.Kirby Coe-Kirkham (42)
2.Kyle Custis (51)
3.Drew Boedecker & Logan Johnson (58 – tie)
5.Drew Mavrakis & Andy Quinn (59 – tie)
7.Colton Williams (63)
8.Wheaton Williams (64)
9.Cody Stults (66)

Payton Gibson Wins with Soul Sister

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Judge Kim Ferguson has just handed Payton Gibson the Grand Championship Rosette for having the Champion Yearling In Hand, her horse Soul Sister. Payton showed the judge just how maneuverable Soul Sister could be as she traversed the obstacle course and walked away with the coveted prize.

Entryway Corridor Modifications

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City of Sheridan Planning Director Robert Briggs

The Sheridan City Council Monday night approved on 1st reading an ordinance that adds clarification by modifying language in the City's Entryway Corridor ordinance. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was at the meeting and has the story.

It's berry time!

Some fresh raspberries, from grandma's raspberry patch. Photo taken on the Ellenwood Ranch.

Poll Question of the Week: Wrecks?

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Each Sheridan WYO Rodeo last month started with the World Championship Indian Relay Race, races that often involve "wrecks" like the jockey, Ian White from the Hoop Dancers Team from Wyola, MT, going down in the second heat of of the first night of rodeo action.

Officers Names Released

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Sheridan County Attorney Matt Redle

The Sheridan County Attorney's Office Monday announced the identity of the two Sheridan Police Officers involved in a fatal shooting on the 4th of July that resulted in the death of 23-year-old Sheridan resident Jesse Salveson.

Dayton Days

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Dayton Days was once again a great time for all who attended.

Photos by Judy Hagerott