June 25th, 2014

Leadership Training Application Deadline July 1st

The Leadership Johnson County training will begin in September and run through May of 2015, but if you are interested in the classes, you have only until July 1st to complete your application.

New Day Break Facility Is Funded

The proposed new Day Break facility for the Sheridan Senior Center is fully funded.

Update: Accident Still Under Investigation

An accident that took the life of a Sheridan man on Monday night remains under investigation, with no additional findings at this point.

Wednesday 06-25-14

UW / WYDOT, Ronda Holwell

Maintenance Work Led to Gas Leak

A gas leak that disrupted traffic and caused evacuation of a two-block area in downtown Sheridan Tuesday evening started with a routine maintenance repair by Montana-Dakota Utility crews.

6/19/14 SCA Rodeo Results

6/19/14 SCA Rodeo Results
1D Barrels
1. Anne Ahern 18.521
2. Jacque Jo Moreland 18.604
3. Tara Stimpson 18.616
2D Barrels
1. Gillian Grunkemeyer 19.589
2. Shyanna Cahoy 19.628
3. Wendi Ruby 19.700
3D Barrels
1. Kelly Blea 20.769
2. Katie Bailey 20.814
Senior Barrels
1. Ellie Bard 18.24
2. Shyanna Cahoy 19.00
Junior Barrels
1. Caden Moreland 19.97
2. Tavy Leno 20.11
Pee Wee Barrels
1. Karly Peterson 26.37
2. Quinn Harmon 27.81
3. Mya Randall 32.7
4. Kinley Ruby 37.99
1D Poles
1. Saije Pollard 20.735
2. Shelby Mann 20.993
2D Poles
1. Jacque Jo Moreland 21.956

6/12/19 SCA Rodeo Results

6/12/14 SCA Rodeo Results
1D Barrels
1. Kade Koltiska 18.308 (NJHSR qualifier)
2. Anne Ahern 18.525
3. Jeanne Camino 18.526
2D Barrels
1. Jesse Duncan 19.644
2. Cricket Cunningham 20.134
3D Barrels
1. Holly Roan 20.694
2. Maggie Frederickson 22.797
Senior Barrels
1. Anna Zowada 18.20 (NJHSR qualifier)
Junior Barrels
1. McKenzie Wood 19.92
2. Grace Peterson 20.03
Pee Wee Barrels
1. Karly Peterson 24.0
2. Britton Brownell 24.61
3. Faith Stimson 24.67
4. Cathryn Vineyard 26.57
1D Poles
1. Shyan Davidson 22.018
2. Jacque Jo Moreland 22.121
2D Poles

AP News Update

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Latest Wyoming news, sports, business and entertainment

Wyoming jobless rate rises slightly to 3.8 percent

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Wyoming's unemployment rate rose slightly to 3.8 percent in May. The rate was 3.7 percent in April.

KWYO Wins Station of the Year

The Wyoming Association of Broadcasters held their annual convention and awards banquet over the weekend in Cody. Sheridan Media won a total of six awards that included Station of the Year for AM 1410 KWYO.

Awards Ceremony and Reception Held at SAGE

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The Sheridan Artists' Guild held an artists' reception and awards ceremony Tuesday night for its 4th annual, juried exhibition. The show features paintings from 25 area artists. It isn't easy getting into a show of this caliber.