February 6th, 2013

Johnson County Library Gathers Input During Open House

The library staff and representatives of the architectural design team were on hand to discuss different designs and gather the public's input. Quite a number of people showed up to the Open House to see the different designs, add their opinions and enjoy refreshments.

Johnson County May Back Industrial Bond Application

Johnson County's Commissioners, at their Tuesday meeting, heard a presentation from Dave Spencer with the Wyoming Business Council and Glen Catchpole from Uranerz Energy Corp. to ask the commission to sponsor an Industrial Revenue Bond application with the Wyoming Business Council through a Wyoming State Treasurer's program.

Sewer Rate Increase Has Buffalo Council At Odds

The Buffalo City Council, on a 3-2 vote, approved on second reading Ordinance No. 1360 which will increase sewer rates 100% across the board to all users, but the issue has become dividing one among the council members.

Superintendent Cindy Hill Seeks a $6.3 Million Budget

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Superintendent Cindy Hill Seeks a $6.3 Million Budget

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill is seeking more than $6 million for her newly reorganized office over the next 17 months.

ASAP Collecting Input on Ways to Combat Drug Use in Sheridan

ASAP Collecting Input on Ways to Combat Drug Use in Sheridan (Photo courtesy of Flickr user LeoAmadeus)

Members of the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention are asking Sheridan County residents for their input in coming up with prevention solutions in the areas of tobacco and the use of other drugs in brief online survey.

Scam Alert: National Phone Scam Has Hit Sheridan

Scam Alert: National Phone Scam Has Hit Sheridan

A national-level scam involving a purported transfer of winning earnings - ending with a wiped bank account after the victim provides the scammers with bank account information - has hit Sheridan.

From a Bygone Era and Still Standing

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Just south of the Bird Farm Road near Big Horn stands this once proud green barn that now mainly serves as a reminder of times past. Hand made of wood from a bygone era it stands in contrast to to the metal structures that dot today's landscape. Flash forward a hundred years and ponder how the metal outbuilding structures of today will appear then.

Governor Addresses a Number of Issues During News Conference

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Wyoming Governor Matt Mead (Courtesy Photo)

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead addressed a number of issues during his monthly news conference this week. Mead cited a recent report that shows Wyoming ranked number one for school financing.

Tuesday 02-05-13

Dog and Cat shelter / State Senators Bruce Burns and
John Schiffer


1. Catering by R/P 34 - 2
2. A+ Plumbers 27 - 9
3. Michelob 26 - 10
4. Busch Boys 23 - 13
5. JS Machine 22 - 14
6. CR Best 21 - 15
7. Budweiser 21 - 15