December 20th

Council Passes Animal Ordinance Changes

It is now illegal for cat owners to allow their felines to run at large within the city limits of Buffalo, or for residents to keep, maintain and feed hogs, pigs or roosters. The city council approved the code changes pertaining to animal regulations this week.

WYO Theater Receives Major Donation

A local performing arts theater is set to receive a half a million dollars from a private donor. Forrest Mars has pledged the sum to the WYO Theater in Sheridan.

Local Christmas Concert Showcases Tubas

An upcoming Christmas concert will showcase low-register instruments, like the tuba.

Here's News Director Leslie Stratmoen with the report.

Lindstrom Guilty of Sexual Abuse, Other Charges

A jury in the Fourth Judicial District Court in Buffalo on Thursday found Michael Lindstrom guilty of three counts of first degree sexual abuse of a minor; three counts of second degree sexual abuse of a minor; two counts of sexual assault; and two counts of aggravated assault.

Are you getting what you want for Christmas this year?

The Bank of Sheridan
60% (219 votes)
30% (111 votes)
10% (35 votes)
Total votes: 365

Sun Silhoettes Landscape

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This morning's sun silhoetted the landscape in Sheridan. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)

For the Kids

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Santa rides a cycle and a teddy bear holds a gift in front of a house on North Main Street in Sheridan. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)

4-H Receives Foundation Funds

Sheridan County's 4-H program received more than $14,000 from the Wyoming State 4-H Foundation this past year.