March 6th, 2013

Ft. Mackenzie HS Completes Laptop Pilot

Fort Mackenzie High School recently completed a four-year pilot program aimed at increasing technology in the classroom.

Commissioners Rezone, Resize

The Sheridan County Commissioners approved a Lot Size Variance Tuesday morning. K.O.R. LLC applied for the variance to create a 28 acre residential parcel near the gun club. Commission Chair, Mike Nickel, explains.

Tuesday 03-06-13

Sheridan Animal Shelter / Mark Gordon

Clark Homicide Was Botched Carjack

The teenagers arrested Monday in connection with a triple homicide in Clark told investigators they stole handguns from a store in Cody and were attempting to steal a vehicle to escape to Denver when the murders took place.

Hill Petitions to be Reinstated

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill is asking a judge to immediately reinstate her as the head of the state's Education Department.

March 5th


LADY BRONC BASKETBALL - The Sheridan Lady Broncs broncs open the 4-A state basketball tournament tomorrow as a number one seed. They play the Green River Wolves we will have the game live for you on 87.7 FM ESPN radio.

The Lady Broncs are 22-2 overall Green River is 5-21 they played the opening weekend of the regular season in December with the Lady Broncs winning 66-36.

Lady Bronc Head coach Sean Yeager says they are looking at getting deep into the tournament will not be over looking any opponent.

Fighting Prejudice One Signature at a Time

Fighting Prejudice One Signature at a Time (Photos by Chris Foy)
(Photos by Chris Foy)
Ace Young speaks to the audience about why the use of the "R" word is hurtful. (Photos by Chris Foy)
Jeannie Ellinger, Jeff Mock and Ace Young, from left. (Photos by Chris Foy)
Jeannie Ellinger was the first to sign the pledge to eradicate the "R" word. (Photos by Chris Foy)
Jeff Mock signs the pledge. (Photos by Chris Foy)
Audience members and RENEW clients eagerly signed the pledge in support. (Photos by Chris Foy)

Wednesday is a special day for the staff and clients of the Rehabilitation Enterprises of Northeastern Wyoming, as it's officially Spread the Word to End the Word Day.

City of Sheridan to Offer Health Insurance to Part-Timers, No Rate Increase

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City of Sheridan to Offer Health Insurance to Part-Timers, No Rate Increase (Photo by Chris Foy)

The city of Sheridan will not see its health insurance rates increase this year, according to city human resources director Heather Doke.

Paranormal Researchers Looking to Investigate Occidental Hotel

Paranormal Researchers Looking to Investigate Occidental Hotel (Photo courtesy the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce)

Sheridan-based paranormal investigators, the Paranormal Researchers of Wyoming, say they hope to investigate Buffalo's Occidental Hotel in April. The hotel's recently drawn the attraction of the Travel Channel, as crews with the television show Dead Files recently finished filming an episode at the hotel investigating paranormal activity. Sheridan Media's Chris Foy has the story.

Johnson County Appoints Lake DeSmet Operating Board

At their Tuesday meeting the Johnson County Commissioners appointed Harvey Crowe, Rande Money and Jim Hicks to the Lake DeSmet Operating Board.