July 12th, 2012

Do you believe global warming has contributed to this summer's record high temperatures?

The Bank of Sheridan
31% (255 votes)
66% (549 votes)
3% (26 votes)
Total votes: 830


Steer Roping
438 Rocky Patterson 12.9
133 Bryce Davis
182 Vin Fisher Jr.
292 Chance Kelton
13 Kaleb Asay
548 Scott Snedecor 16.4
374 Landon McClaugherty
484 Grant Ritchey 14.5

Bareback Riding
675 Josi Young 77.0
325 R.C. Landingham
327 Orin Larsen
420 Tyler Nelson
460 Jet Price 73.0
220 Joe Gunderson 78.0
172 Mac Erickson 73.0
171 Chase Erickson 79.0
52 Casey Breuer 76.0
605 Kelly Timberman 75.0
680 JR Vezain 83.0
681 Caleb Bennett
412 Bobby Mote 82.0

Bronc Riding
60 Justin Browning 80.0
61 Louie Brunson 73.0
690 Jeremy Ray Melancon 58.0
19 Jesse Bail

July 11th

Chair Lineup and Parade Friday

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Chair Lineup and Parade Friday

Lining up chairs along Main Street in Historic Downtown Sheridan in preparation for events Friday morning has become an annual tradition. The Sheridan Police Department reminds people that if you are going to set your chair up early, be sure it's done after 6 pm this evening.

Local Governments Give Update During Chamber Luncheon

Sheridan County Commissioner Mike Nickel and Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dixie Johnson listen attentively.
From left-to-right: Dayton Mayor Bob Wood; Ranchester Councilman Peter Clark; Sheridan County Commissioner Mike Nickel; Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dixie Johnson and Chamber President Eric Brandjord listen to Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey give an update on the City of Sheridan.

The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon Wednesday focused on representatives from the local governments giving an update on their current economic situation.

Dust Abatement on Holloway Today

The Sheridan County Road and Bridge department will be treating Holloway Avenue between 13th and 15th Streets today for dust abatement for the second time this year.

Ash Creek Fire Is Out, But Not Over

The view from Diamond Butte Lookout shows land singed by the Ash Creek Fire. The fire is now 100 percent contained after the fire devoured almost 250,000 acres of land over the course of two weeks. (Photo by Gerald Vickers, Incident Management Team)

The Ash Creek Fire in southeastern Montana is reported completely contained after approximately two weeks of active fire behavior that destroyed 249,562 acres of BLM, county, and private land.

Senior Center Dog Show Saturday In Buffalo

The Buffalo Senior Center will be hosting a dog show this Saturday for fun (and some fun prizes) and all types of dogs and their human companions are welcome to participate.

Wyoming Wednesdays Builds Bridges Between Cultures

Small spectatiors take in some of Joseph LaForge's family heirlooms. LaForge was this week's guest speaker at the Chamber of Commerce's Wyoming Wednesday lecture. (Photo by Tracee Davis)

Wyoming has some shoddy history when it comes to intercultural relations with Native Americans. Joseph LaForge, whose Crow name is Red Bear, remembers being kicked out of a resteraunt as a young boy because of his heritage. He grew up hearing stories from his grandparents about the subjugation of his family and even the massacre of their horses. While it's a sore spot for both settlers and natives here, Joseph is doing his part to leave the past in the past and bridge the gap between the two cultures.

Runway Construction Update

The Sheridan County Airport is in the middle of runway construction, but great care is being taken to prevent disruption of air traffic.