Archive - 2009

March 26th

Public Pulse 03/26/09

Part one: Representatives from the Sheridan Senior Center
Part Two: Gordon Smith with Source Leadership

March 24th

Public Pulse 03/24/09

David Keene speaks with Kim about the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner.

March 23rd

Public Pulse 03/23/09

Part one: Sheridan County Historical Society
Part two: Alternative Energy Solutions with Matt Trierweiler

March 20th

Public Pulse 03/20

Another open line Friday with Kim Love.

March 19th

Public Pulse 03/19/09

Mary Jo fills in for Kim Love today. Part one we have the Sheridan College. Part two is the Sheridan School District #2.

March 18th

Public Pulse 03/18/09

Today Mary Jo sits down with the Sheridan County Commissioners

March 17th

Public Pulse 03/17/09

Kurt is in for Kim Today. Part one with The Westerner's International. Part two: Big Horn school students with Kick Butts Day.

March 16th

Public Pulse 03/11/09

Mary Jo in for Kim today. She speaks with Sheridan County Commissioners.

Guest List

September 2015
Tuesday 09/01/15 Animal Shelter / Library
Wednesday 09/02/15 Sheridan Police / Wyo Theater, Erin Butler
Thursday 09/03/15 Joey's Fly Fishing / Former Major, Jim Wilson

Monday 09/07/15 LABOR DAY
Tuesday 09/08/15 Chamber of Commerce / CHAPS
Wednesday 09/09/15 Game and Fish / Teddy E. Araas - BLHWC, LLC, Santosha Yoga & Melina Meza
Thursday 09/10/15 Mayor

Monday 09/14/15 Representative Mike Madden and Representative Mark Kinner
Tuesday 09/15/15 Superintendent Jillian Balow / Wyo Theater, Erin Butler
Wednesday 09/16/15 Sheridan Police Divisions
Thursday 09/17/15 County Commissioners

Monday 09/21/15 Representative Rosie Berger and Senator Bruce Burns
Tuesday 09/22/15 Holy Name School / Food Group, Missy Hubert
Wednesday 09/23/15
Thursday 09/24/15 Sheridan College, President Paul Young

Monday 09/28/15 Sheridan County Museum / Sage, Edre Maier
Tuesday 09/29/15 Public Health: Influenza Vaccine, Bobbie Spahn and Trish Thompson / Sheridan Arts Council, Ron Krickak
Wednesday 09/30/15 University of Wyoming

October 2015
Thursday 10/01/15

Monday 10/05/15 Library / Counselor Lynn Gordon, Sheridan College Brown Bag Seminar
Tuesday 10/06/15 Animal Shelter / Advocacy and Resource Center, Ronda Weber
Wednesday 10/07/15 Sheridan Police / LINK Partners in Pink walk/run, Meredith Sopko
Thursday 10/08/15 Mayor

Monday 10/12/15 Chamber of Commerce / CHAPS
Tuesday 10/13/15
Wednesday 10/14/15 Game and Fish
Thursday 10/15/15 County Commissioners

Monday 10/19/15
Tuesday 10/20/15
Wednesday 10/21/15 Sheridan Police Divisions
Thursday 10/22/15

Monday 10/26/15 Sheridan County Museum / Sage, Edre Maier
Tuesday 10/27/15 Sheridan College Financial community workshop, Author Joe Knight
Wednesday 10/28/15 University of Wyoming
Thursday 10/29/15 Public Health: Chronic Disease, Annie Shaver and Amy Williamson

November 2015
Monday 11/02/15 Library / Counselor Lynn Gordon, Sheridan College Brown Bag Seminar
Tuesday 11/03/15 Animal Shelter
Wednesday 11/04/15 Sheridan Police
Thursday 11/05/15

Monday 11/09/15 Chamber of Commerce / CHAPS
Tuesday 11/10/15 Senator Dave Kinskey
Wednesday 11/11/15 Game and Fish
Thursday 11/12/15 Mayor

Monday 11/16/15
Tuesday 11/17/15
Wednesday 11/18/15 Sheridan Police Divisions
Thursday 11/19/15 County Commissioners

Monday 11/23/15
Tuesday 11/24/15
Wednesday 11/25/15 University of Wyoming
Thursday 11/26/15 THANKSGIVING DAY

Monday 11/30/15 Public Health: World Aids Day, Daedra Duca / Brown Bag Seminar, Counselor Lynn Gordon

December 2015

Public Pulse 03/10/09

Today Kim Speaks with State Representative John Patton and Celtic Sage.