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March 16th

Public Pulse 03/11/09

Mary Jo in for Kim today. She speaks with Sheridan County Commissioners.

Guest List

March 2015
Monday 03/30/15 Counselor Lynn Gordon / SD#2, Craig Dougherty
Tuesday 03/31/15 State Treasurer Mark Gordon / Sheridan Arts Council, Ron Krikac

April 2015
Wednesday 04/01/15 Sheridan Police / Trail End Opens for Season, Cynde Georgen
Thursday 04/02/15 When I'm 64: Taking the Mystery Out of Long-Term Care, Ann Gardner / Sheridan Recreation District, Richard Wright

Monday 04/06/15 Library / Chamber of Commerce
Tuesday 04/07/15 Animal Shelter / Sexual Assault Awareness month; Rhonda Weber, Advocacy & Resource Center
Wednesday 04/08/15 Game and Fish
Thursday 04/09/15 Mayor

Monday 04/13/15 Keystone Awards, Lois Bell
Tuesday 04/14/15 CASA / Friends of the Sheridan Inn
Wednesday 04/15/15 Sheridan Police Divisions
Thursday 04/16/15 County Commissioners

Monday 04/20/15 Legislators Bruce Burns and Mike Madden
Tuesday 04/21/15
Wednesday 04/22/15 Carriage House Theater /
Thursday 04/23/15 SD#2, Craig Dougherty /

Monday 04/27/15 Sheridan County Museum
Tuesday 04/28/15 State Superintendent, Jillian Balow / Miss American Indian Reunion, Judy Slack
Wednesday 04/29/15 University of Wyoming
Thursday 04/30/15 Sun Awareness/UV Protection, Heather Jaros and Deb Haar

May 2015
Monday 05/04/15 Library
Tuesday 05/05/15 Animal Shelter
Wednesday 05/06/15 Sheridan Police
Thursday 05/07/15 Representative Rosie Berger and Dave Kinskey

Monday 05/11/15 Chamber of Commerce
Tuesday 05/12/15 Mayor
Wednesday 05/13/15 Game and Fish
Thursday 05/14/15 Sheridan College Commencement speaker Diane Carlson Evans

Monday 05/18/15
Tuesday 05/19/15
Wednesday 05/20/15 Sheridan Police Divisions
Thursday 05/21/15 County Commissioners

Monday 05/25/15
Tuesday 05/26/15 Sheridan County Museum / Miss American Indian Reunion, Judy Slack
Wednesday 05/27/15 University of Wyoming
Thursday 05/28/15

June 2015
Monday 06/01/15 Library
Tuesday 06/02/15 Animal Shelter
Wednesday 06/03/15 Sheridan Police
Thursday 06/04/15

Monday 06/08/15 Chamber of Commerce
Tuesday 06/09/15
Wednesday 06/10/15 Game and Fish
Thursday 06/11/15 Mayor

Monday 06/15/15
Tuesday 06/16/15
Wednesday 06/17/15 Sheridan Police Divisions
Thursday 06/18/15 County Commissioners

Monday 06/22/15 Sheridan County Museum
Tuesday 06/23/15 Miss American Indian Reunion, Judy Slack /
Wednesday 06/24/15 University of Wyoming
Thursday 06/25/15 Public Health: Immunizations and HPV, Dadrea Duca and Deb Haar /

Monday 06/29/15
Tuesday 06/30/15

July 2015
Monday 07/01/15 Sheridan Police
Tuesday 07/02/15

Monday 07/06/15 Library / Chamber of Commerce
Tuesday 07/07/15 Animal Shelter / Miss American Indian Reunion, Judy Slack
Wednesday 07/08/15 Game and Fish
Thursday 07/09/15 Mayor

Monday 07/13/15
Tuesday 07/14/15
Wednesday 07/15/15
Thursday 07/16/15 County Commissioners

Monday 07/20/15 Dayton Days /
Tuesday 07/21/15
Wednesday 07/22/15 Sheridan Police Divisions
Thursday 07/23/15

Monday 07/27/15 Sheridan County Museum
Tuesday 07/28/15
Wednesday 07/29/15 University of Wyoming
Thursday 07/30/15

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Public Pulse 03/10/09

Today Kim Speaks with State Representative John Patton and Celtic Sage.

Public Pulse 03/16/09

Kurt Layer takes the helm today with his guest Ken Kerns. They talk about the Coal Bed/Natural Gas Alliance.

March 10th

Improving reception of our new FM stations.

Sheridan Media's two newest radio stations are available via low power analog translators. Magic95.9 and Oldies105.9 run at much lower power levels than our other FM stations. While you may not notice the difference in your vehicle, reception of these stations can be difficult in certain types of buildings.

March 2nd


WRESTLING – Sheridan Bronc Sophomore Trevor Goss took the State Championship at 135 lbs. Saturday night in Casper, doing it in dominating fashion against his opponent from Rock Springs. He took the decision 9-4; here's Trevor Goss as he left the mat Saturday night.Audio Goss also had extra motivation going into the tournament; teammate Jake Reimers had a knee injury, which cost him his season.