Chamber Monthly Luncheon to Feature WTBC Director

The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce will host their monthly luncheon on Wednesday. According to Chamber CEO Dixie Johnson, the program for the luncheon will feature the Wyoming Technology Business Center.

Sheridan Fire and Rescue Weekend Training

Sheridan Fire and Rescue participated in their monthly rope training over the weekend. According to Firefighter and EMT Chad Brutlag, there are several different focuses that the training can have.

Buffalo Police Report Given To City Council

In his regular report to the Buffalo City Council at their recent meeting, Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder said it was a relatively normal month for his department.

Taking a Closer Look at a Bug’s World

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This month’s Science Saturday’s focus was on bugs and had kids exploring the their world. Held at Sheridan College, Emily Woolley, a student there, was helping with the program and explained what the children were doing.

P.O. News Celebrates 101st Year with Party

Loucks Street in downtown Sheridan was closed off Saturday night, and tables and chairs set out for people to enjoy a few hours of music, beer and cigars.

Whitney Center Gallery Show Ends Thursday

Thursday will be the final day for the current gallery show at the Sheridan College Whitney Center for the Arts. Dr. Erin Hanke, the Director of the Center, said that the art form presented in the show is Printmaking.

City Eyeing Community Survey Concerning Fluoride

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The application of the supplement to City and Sheridan Area Water Supply customers began in January of 2015.

Public Works Director Talks City’s Role in Interchange Project

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The North Main Interchange project is a joint venture between the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the City of Sheridan.

Budget Cuts Put Meals Programs in Jeopardy

Budget cuts proposed by the Trump Administration could jeopardize the meals program at Sheridan's Senior Center.

Two Approved For County Board Positions

Two people will serve on separate county boards, after the Johnson County Commissioners voted to approve them at their meeting earlier this week.